Dea has been an incredibly valuable member of the Operations team at brightwheel. When Dea joined, our systems were disoriented. With SFDC and Outreach in place, we had the potential for a great sales stack, but it was not set up in a way that enabled the team to reach the highest levels of productivity. Dea helped to create an environment where team members felt empowered to crush their goals because they had the tools and reporting they needed to focus on the activities that yielded the highest results.

In addition to being a builder, Dea is an incredible trainer and support system when the customer facing teams inevitably run into trouble. Dea has always been quick to respond, ensuring that people had what they needed to keep moving and not hamper progress. She also led training around systems and process updates, following through to be sure everyone understood how changes may have impacted their workflow. The energy, support and care that Dea brings to the team, creates a culture of collaboration and positivity that is necessary for highly productive teams. I am extremely grateful for Dea’s contribution and hard work at brightwheel. — Drew Woodcock, VP Sales, brightwheel

I have worked with Dea on numerous occasions. A previous company of mine (OneHealth) hired Dea to run sales operations, a fantastic decision. As a result of her great work helping us integrate salesforce, build a sales lead engine, and manage our sales pipeline, Dea has been engaged with other companies we needed to scale our sales infrastructure. She has brought valuable insights and sales operations experience to our teams and executes at a very high bar. Any company looking for sales operations management should highly consider Dea. — Jeff Goe, Chief Revenue Officer, BetterNight

Dea is highly knowledgable, personable, and articulate. She is an absolute joy to work with and she levels up everyone around her. She bridges the soft and hard sides of sales/system operations gracefully and easily earns the respect and admiration of her business partners. Her holistic view of systems and processes helps her see around corners and identify opportunities to improve. As a sales leader, I can say that Dea’s work had a major impact on the bottom line and measurably improved efficiency, visibility, and team morale. Plain and simple, I loved working with Dea and would jump at the chance to partner with her again. — Ryan Swearingen, SDR Manager, brightwheel

At Cyntellect, Dea played a key role in the support of our Sales and Customer Service organizations (both Domestic and International). Using her many skills and experience she was instrumental in establishing and maintaining the infra structure to support our customers, field personnel and management. Always professional, upbeat and willing to go the extra mile to get things done it was a pleasure working with her. — Gerry Arthur, Director of Customer Service, Cyntellect

References can be provided upon request.

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