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25 years of experience in
Sales Operations and Training

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Certified SFDC Admin
Sales Operations Professional
Corporate Trainer

I work with sales and marketing leaders to design, build, and implement the processes and tools organizations need to understand and manage their prospects resulting in increased sales.

I deliver customized training based on the organization’s needs; ILT, VILT and course content creation resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.


SFDC Certified Admin

Outreach Admin

WhatFix Certified

Change Management & Training

Recent Experience

Consultant since 2002 planning, configuration, customization, integration, cleanup, administration, and training. I teach private Salesforce classes to end users and system administrators and help companies control their change management.

Sales Operations Manager, brightwheel until May 2020
Executing the Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy + systems by partnering with the customer facing functional leaders, in Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Finance and Engineering.

Senior Consultant/Trainer, JPW Consulting until April 2019
Building collaborative relationships with stakeholders and users to achieve adoption goals.

Sales Operations Manager, Lytx until Dec 2015
Organized sales processes for rapidly growing transportation organization and optimized their use of SFDC.

Sales Operations Manager, One Health until Nov 2014
Built and maintained a SFDC instance and provided structure and process to the newly established sales team as well as marketing and customer service.